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Care Recruitment Agency UK - Opera Navigation Ltd

Care Recruitment Agency

We understand that companies need experienced staff that they can depend on. That is why we offer the quickest and most efficient recruitment process through which we provide the best candidates at the blink of an eye.

Our recruitment area covers both England and Romania, thus guaranteeing a constant flow of workforce. Through our thorough analysis, selection and recruitment techniques, your company’s future staff will be ready and able to perform any tasks.

Our recruitment steps are:

  1. We will discuss the company’s recruitment requirements, conditions and specifics.
  2. We promote the offered jobs through all forms of advertisement, thus spreading them across England and Romania.
  3. We select the most suitable candidates, analysing their CV’s and presenting them to the company.
  4. The company will select the preferred candidates.
  5. We prepare the candidates for the hiring process.
  6. We agree on a start date with the company, thus completing the recruitment cycle.

What is our role as a care recruitment agency?

Our role as a care recruitment agency is to act as a connecting point between you and a company that is looking to employ people in the health and social work sector and to offer them the best career opportunities.

Thus, our function is to identify the most suitable candidates, certify their abilities to fulfill the company’s requirements and to offer them the most suitable job according to their qualifications.

Why choose us?

We understand that looking to land a job, especially in a sector that demands a certain amount of experience and dedication, can sometimes be very difficult and confusing, maybe even stressful.

Our care recruitment agency aims to guide you throughout the entire process, so that it becomes easier for you to understand everything you need to do and for the company to trust your ability to perform any task given.

Through the support and reputation of our care recruitment agency, we will help you gain a higher advantage, a better chance to become an employee and a wider broad of hiring opportunities against candidates from other sources of recruitment.

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